• Media is key to overcoming barriers to women’s participation and progressively achieving gender equality in sport. However, bias still weighs heavily against women, and media often have little, or worse negative, impact on efforts by the women in sport movement to promote women’s and girls’ participation.
  • Media tends to ignore women athletes and the various roles that women play in the sport industry, which reinforces stereotypes, sustains marginalisation, encourages invisibility, and limits involvement.

As with many kinds of coverage about women, even those instances in which women are sources or the focus of news or stories, they often remain subjects, spoken or written about; their story presented through the view of the media persons instead of their own voices.  Otherwise, they are reported on in relationship to men, as girlfriends or wives of famous athletic celebrities

Women Leaders in Sport Summit takes place in August 2018. Speakers and Programme to be announced soon.

If you’re a member of the MEDIA and interested in attending the event, please contact us.